April 10, 2013

The Coolest Place to get Clean and Sober


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“Right Turn – A Creative Place for Recovery” was created and has been sustained by the continual informed imagination of many people: Executive Director, Clinical Director, a dedicated staff of like-minded clinicians, and a carefully selected working Board of Directors. We like to think of Right Turn as the coolest place to get clean and sober.

A 501c3 nonprofit agency founded in March of 2003, Right Turn offers an innovative approach to addiction and mental health services. Right Turn was originally conceived of as treatment for creative people–performers, artists, and others–those who manifest a special vulnerability to substance abuse because of the circumstances in which their creativity is expressed. Right Turn is a place where such people and others can undertake treatment of their addiction in an environment which engages their creative capacity as an instrument of recovery. We have developed a broad spectrum of evidence-based services, informed by the active use and encouragement of creativity in a newly sober context.

Over nearly a decade, as we refined our understanding of how best to help our clients, our services have grown to provide a continuum of outpatient services, rich in evidence-based and best practices as well as in our own particular experience. Our goal in the near future is to begin the process of elucidating the reasons for our successful outcomes through a more formal program of research.

From being the best-kept secret in Arlington Massachusetts, Right Turn has slowly but surely come to be nationally recognized for its innovation, its quality, and its successful outcomes. One way in which the public has come to know us is through Right Turn Radio: a weekly talk show, originally on WTKK (96.9FM), and now on WRKO (680 AM). Our show aims to educate the public into a deeper understanding of addiction, both as an affliction of individuals and their families and as a matter of public health policy.

While our program has been slowly and methodically evolving over the years, the past year or two have been focused on developing the underlying structures for our clinical program; an administrative staff to address scheduling, policies and procedures for all activities and billing and other systems needed for a sustainable business. We are currently looking into new electronic database software to keep up with industry trends and the new requirements for client records.

As Right Turn celebrated its 10th anniversary in March of 2013, we remain dedicated to meeting the needs of the client seeking effective and clinically responsible services in the treatment of addictions and mental illness.

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