“Woody and Right Turn are fantastic resources. Without Woody our son would not be in the better place he is today. We thank Woody for all the time, advice, counseling, moral support and cheerleading he provided in such a kind, compassionate and caring way.”
-Intervention Client

“Woody, I’d like to express “the impossible” – the gratitude we have for all you have done for our son and our family. I literally don’t know what we’d have done, but I do know we couldn’t possibly feel the sense of power, hope and potential good for the future that we now feel. You have helped us tremendously in a way that we will never forget and cannot thank you enough!”
- Mom from NYC, NY

“I’ve been clean for the past year and couldn’t have done it without Right Turn. The staff is really caring and professional and I learned a lot while I was there. Thank you Right Turn for helping me turn my life around…”
- Client from Boston, MA

“Abby, thank you for all the time you spent with our family and helping us all “recover.” Your advice and time means more than you will ever know. Our daughter has been sober for more than 4 months and I never thought that was possible. We are forever indebted to you and your compassionate staff at Right Turn.”
- Mom from Newtown, PA

“Simply put, you guys saved my life. Couldn’t have done it without you.”
- Client from Lebanon, NJ

“You guys provided me awesome support and education about drug and alcohol addiction. I really enjoyed the music and arts groups.”
- Client from Wellesley, MA

“I loved being around all the musicians at Right Turn. A lot of the staff are professional musicians and I learned a lot from them both about music and recovery.”
- Client from New Orleans, LA

“To Right Turn, I love you all and thank you for helping me improve my life and learn to love myself.”
- Client from Durham, NH

“We were completely blown away! (in a good way). We now have hope that our son will have the tools he needs to take ownership of his life and his problems. We are empowered as a family to act and communicate in healthier ways. We are facing problems instead of avoiding them or pretending they don’t exist. We have hope, and a new direction, the best possible direction we can go. We are full of gratitude and the confidence and knowledge that the help we need is available.”
-Intervention Client

“From the first time we spoke with Woody on the phone I felt his compassion. He was very sensitive to the pain our family (the wife & I) were going through. We were informed of what we might expect, how long it would take. Woody promised to be transparent and gain the trust of our son and he did.

There were no surprises. I was impressed with the non-judgmental attitude. Woody remained positive toward our son despite him (our son) being a mess. We went through a failed professional intervention prior to hiring Woody. At the end of that failed venture we did not like the interventionist. She was rude; un-supportive, and unrealistic about what she could do. After a failed venture, she could not wait to get away from the scene. She seemed to blame us. She caused us more pain.

We consider Woody a friend and I will always think fondly of him, as he guided us through one of the darkest periods in our lives.”
- Intervention Client