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Two-time Recipient of the National Media Award by The National Association of Social Workers, Right Turn Radio is the country's foremost program on addiction and mental health. It is just one more way that Right Turn reaches out to those suffering from substance abuse, and their loved ones, offering hope and help for addiction. Right Turn Radio is available by podcast through iTunes, and through our website: www.right-turn.org. For information regarding sponsorship or guest appearances, contact Producer Jill Ruby at: info@right-turn.org.

Emmy award winning actor Kristen Johnston (“The Exes”, “Third Rock from the Sun”), and Joe Schrank (co-founder of Thefix.com) join us to talk about how the media covers addiction and celebrity addiction. And later in the show, Keisha Ormond and Jamie Stein of the Cambridge Prevention Coalition, two ‘boots on the ground’ treatment specialists, tell us how they’re dealing with the opiate crisis day to day.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey join us to talk about the deadly heroin and prescription opiate abuse epidemic in Massachusetts. Also joining us are Rita Nieves, Bureau Director of Addictions, and Berto Sanchez, Overdose Prevention Manager, at the Boston Public Health Commission.

January 10, 2015

Parents often have a blind spot when it comes to their children’s substance abuse, yet recent statistics show that over 25% of high school seniors used illicit drugs in the past month and 40% drank alcohol. Brockton Police Officer Nancy Leedberg and Heather Kennedy of the C.O.P.E. Center join us to talk about how we can talk to our kids about drugs.

January 8, 2015

Kim C. and Michelle M., two moms in recovery, join us to share their story of the challenges they faced while in active addiction, how they got sober, and how they balance recovery and motherhood.

January 8, 2015

Comedian Tony V., and writer/therapist Joshua Bennett-Johnson, join us to talk about being a dad, how dads talk to their kids about drugs, and being a sober parent.