Intervention is the process of helping loved ones find a safe treatment program for their family member or friend who is struggling with addiction or mental illness.

Woody Giessmann is a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) and Licensed Clinician (LADC) for the treatment of substance abuse and mental health disorders. Using a kind and gentle approach to confrontation and intervention, Woody works with families and loved ones with the goal of placing an at-risk person in the proper setting so they can begin their recovery process. Woody has a high rate of success, and he uses a combination of Arise, Stages of Change, and The Johnson Model of Intervention, in order to help the family to prepare for positive change.

Families that come to Right Turn for intervention are usually in crisis. Woody is a skilled interventionist who carefully assesses the needs of the family, and their loved one, identifies a treatment plan, and establishes strategies for family support during and after the intervention process.

Woody Giessmann has extensive experience dealing with complicated and resistant people. Individuals in need of treatment are often frustrated, angry, and depressed. While the family participates in the intervention process, Woody will do any necessary confrontation during the intervention to ensure a successful outcome. circle_meeting

Often, an intervention is conducted using natural consequences as leverage to help an ambivalent individual agree to treatment. Participants affirm the worth of the individual and their positive feelings for him or her, feelings that are at the core of what might otherwise seem like hopeless process.

The goal of the intervention is to get the person who is struggling with addiction and/or mental illness into treatment immediately. Woody coaches family members in the selection of a safe and appropriate program, making all arrangements for treatment in advance.

Additionally, Woody takes care of all practical objections, assists in packing the appropriate belongings, and coordinates all travel arrangements, ensuring that the person arrives at the selected program on the day of the intervention.

It is important to address the family system before, during, and after the intervention. Finding a treatment center with a strong family component is very important. Many individuals struggle with a co-occurring disorder, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, along with their chemical dependency. Woody assists in the selection of a program that will provide a comprehensive assessment and integrated treatment plan.