Intensive Outpatient Program


Located at 440 Arsenal Street in Watertown, this three to six month early recovery program provides clinical services and structure for life in sobriety. Groups take place daily, Monday through Friday. Individuals attend groups, receive weekly individual therapy, receive family services, and are provided with resources in addiction education, relapse prevention, anger management, wellness, yoga, nutrition, and expressive workshops that are unique to our program.

Our creative approach incorporates music, visual arts, creative writing, and expression therapy to access the individual in a valuable way. Art serves as a language for communicating covert feelings and exploring the fun side of recovery. We are skilled in treating a wide range of conditions, including chemical abuse and dependence, process addictions, trauma, depression, anxiety, and other related disorders.

artCreativity and Expressive Therapies

Untreated addiction and mental illness deprive a person of their true sense of self. Individuals lose the perception of whom they truly are – our husbands and wives, our brothers and sisters, our neighbors, our friends, and our children. Under the guidance of a licensed expressive therapist, we use creativity to assist our clients in finding their voice in recovery.

At Right Turn, rediscovering those lost parts of our true self is crucial to recovery. Finding our voice can help in this deeply personal journey. Whether through journaling, art, music, or drumming, Right Turn nurtures this aspect of our journey through sobriety.

The importance we place on personal expression is one of the distinguishing features of our program, one that separates us from other traditional treatment models. Our emphasis on using the creative process to support recovery is unique and innovative, and has proven to be highly effective.

Group Schedule

Mondays – Addiction Education, Journaling, Goals, Alumni
Tuesdays – Relapse Prevention, Art Therapy, Stress & Relaxation, Alumni
Wednesdays – Wellness, Medication & Recovery, Womens/Mens Group, Speaker Series
Thursdays – Music Workshop, Living in Recovery, What’s Next?, Process Group
Fridays – Music Recovery, Anger Management, Weekend Goals, Alumni