Men’s Extended Care Housing Program


Extended Care Housing Program

Right Turn’s 4 – 6 month Extended Care Housing Program offers 16 residents the opportunity to establish healthy, sober relationships, within a safe, structured, and supportive environment. Clients are provided with comprehensive services while enrolled in the Extended Care Housing Program, with full evaluation and on-going care for psychiatric health, internal medicine, addiction counseling, group therapy, one-on-one therapy, and self-help groups. Our two facilities accomodate offers a safe setting of recovery in a beautifully renovated, historic New England house.

edit_cookingThis home-like setting offers semi-private rooms with access to outdoor gardens and areas for quiet reflection. Budgeting, housekeeping, self-care, menu planning, and healthy meal preparation are among the life skills that we work to rebuild. Health and wellness, nutrition, and daily exercise are included with an on-site exercise room and local gym membership. Right Turn upholds the highest standard of respect for people within our community, ensuring that the Extended Care Housing Program is safe at all times for all individuals.

Safe and Supportive

Clients in our Extended Care Housing Programs are provided with comprehensive care in psychiatry, internal medicine, and addiction counseling. Throughout their time in the program, clients are supported in identifying and achieving manageable goals with respect to education, occupation, and family.